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You know your life could be better. You want breakthrough and there's thousands of online gurus telling you how they got it. But success looks different for everyone. How do you find YOUR edge? 

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a quality or factor that gives you superiority over any rival or situation in life.
When it seems like life is against you, find your LifeEdge!
How to Find Your Edge in Life!
Begin by listening to the LifeEdge Podcast. Blair & Dave (with special guests) share powerful principles to help you get an edge in your life--family, finance, faith, and more!
Join the 7-Day Life Edge Challenge for exclusive high-impact content and community.  We grow together, support each other, hold each other accountable, and WIN at life. 
Anytime you begin to find an edge in your life, share it with us! This helps other Edge members find breakthrough in their own lives.
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Join The 7-Day Life Edge Challenge, get exclusive access to valuable tactics and strategies, join us for LIVE trainings, learn from Edge Mentors, participate in epic giveaways, and find your Life Edge faster!
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